Evening Dress

  • Backless Dress with High Split Skirt
    An elegant dress made by combining beautiful lace and silky batik fabrics. A rocky application around the neck made the dress look stunning.
    NZ$ 399.99
  • Cropped top with high split skirt
    Top : Made with beautiful lace and silky batik fabrics on the sleeves.
    Skirt : made with silky black fabric with floral batik printed.
    NZ$ 349.99
  • Golden dress
    Backless dress made with golden lace,
    Application at the back side is made with grey silky batik
    Skirt : made with silky grey batik with floral printed.
    NZ$ 749.99
  • Green dress with long collar
    Made with silky batik with green color and combined with beautiful organza.
    NZ$ 999.99
  • Maxie organza outer
    Made with beautiful organza with floral printed.
    NZ$ 199.99
  • Jumpsuit Dress
    Made with silky black fabric with gold batik printed
    NZ$ 299.99
  • Maxi Cropped top with Fancy batik pant
    Top : made with chiffon with blue roses printed
    Pant : Made with silky red batik with floral printed
    NZ$ 449.99
  • One shoulder top with a batik skirt
    Top : made with green lace with floral application.
    Skirt : made with purple organza and multi colors cotton batik.
    NZ$ 249.99